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National Stage in Greece 2016


The Greek Stage of the YPEF Contest was held on Saturday 23 of April 2016, all over Greece.
The Contest was organized by the Management Body of Parnitha National Forests Park, the General Directorate for the Development and Protection of Forests and Rural Environment and the local Forest Services.
159  teams  of  students  aged  13-17  years  old,  from  Secondary  and  High  schools  all  over Greece, participated to the contest. Congratulation to all the students for their effort.
The  Contest  language  was  English.  The  students  had  to  answer  to  50  multiple  choice questions,  concerning  the  Nature  and  Forests  in  Europe  and  in  European  Countries. According  to  the  ranking  score,  the  winning  team  is  that  consisting  of  Alexia-Myrsini Angelidou, Danai Dimitriou and Ioanna – Ariadni Kaneleti from the 3 rd  Secondary school of Alexandroupolis.  
The winning team will represent Greece to the European Contest which will take place on 28-30 September 2016 in Latvia.  
We wish to Alexia-Myrsini, Danai and Ioanna- Ariadni good luck and similar success to the European Contest.