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The meeting of the YPEF International Contest Commission

The meeting of the YPEF International Contest Commission chaired by Andrzej Kawalec took place on November 24, 2010, at the Forestry Faculty of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. József Pethő and Pál Kovácsevics (Hungarian Forestry Association), László Hoczek (leader of the Hungarian competition “Kitaibel Pál”), Stanislav Janský (Association of Municipal and Private Forest Owners SVOL, Czech Republic), Thomas Baschny (Union of Austrian Foresters, leader of FCN-Subgroup Forest Related Environmental Education), Kamil Szpakowski and Jolanta Stankiewicz (General Directorate of the State Forests, Poland), Andrzej Kawalec, Maciej Białecki, Robert Tomusiak and Stanisław Biernacki (Forest Friends Association, Poland) and Jerzy Dobrucki (Publishing House FOREST) were present. Thomas Baschny was accepted as the Vice Chairman of the International Contest Commission.
The Contest is coming into shape. Some changes in The Rules of the Contest were accepted after discussion. The concept of the educational materials and the idea of the textbook on European forests were presented. Stanislav Janský presented the organization of national stage contest in Czech Republic and the website The International Committee YPEF decided that in the school year 2010/2011 the first edition of the Contest is taking place in Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Ukraine. Other countries are still welcome.
The next meeting of the YPEF International Contest Commission is planned for February 2011. The base of the Contest questions will be then accepted.