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New photo contest: „Our Forests”

We are announcing new YPEF mini photo contest, under the title: “Our Forests”!

Each participant has to send two photos: 

The first photo should present the role of forest in our environment - how we can use any goods that forest gives us (e.g. different ways of spending leisure time in forest, usage of forest resources like wood, mushrooms or fruits etc.) 

The second photo should show how people can affect forest ecosystem - how we can care about forests, not only by participating in Clean Up the World events, but also by foresters work, planting new trees, timber harvesting etc.

We count on your creativity!

Two photos have to be sent via e-mail to with the subject of message: Photo contest “Our Forests”.

In order to participate in the contest you have to get familiar with the rules!

The deadline for sending works is November 14th November 21st 2014.

The results will be published on December 12th 2014.

We wish good luck to all of you!