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YPEF National Stage in Germany

The winners of this year’s contest are again Chantal Bohn, Luca Nahs and Philine Wegner from the Alexander-von-Humboldt-Gymnasium Eberswalde. They will go to Busteni in Romania, a mountain resort in Prahova Valley, at the foothills of Bucegi Natural Park. On Wednesday the 15th of July 2015 the winners were honoured at the plenary meeting of the last school day before summer holidays. All pupils, teachers and the principal of the school attended the event. The winners received a high quality tent for future stays, adventures and excursions into the forest. In addition further prices were given to the students who came second and third in the contest. The second place received Nele Gehricke, Lisa Schill and Pirkko Wolbrink and the third place Liesa Wehner and Shirley Daugsch. Furthermore there was a different group of students of another school that came third: Maximilian Friederisszyk, Johannes Herzog and Peer-Alec Poppe of OSZ OPR Neuruppin. Congratulations to all of you! Very well done! Thanks to all German participants and their teachers for taking part in the national contest of Young People in European Forests 2015! We hope to welcome you again next year!