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Summary of the YPEF final 2011

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Message of the Minister of the Environment, Poland      ( April 2011 )





  Message of the Minister of the Environment to the youth participating in “Young People in European Forests” The International Contest YPEF 2010/2011





 I am immensely pleased to have been invited to be the honorary patron of “Young People in European Forests” The International Contest. It is for me not only an honour, but also a pleasure. The subject of the contest, as well as its international scope, serve as an excellent promotion of environmental protection and sustainable development in our country.


  The interdisciplinary knowledge required in the contest will provide participants from several countries with clear insight into the forests of our continent. As a result, it will contribute to increased social awareness of environmental biodiversity in Europe as well as of sustainable development in forestry. In a time when the rate of biodiversity loss is so rapid, these issues are of extreme importance. The role of this project in promoting knowledge of European forests, with special attention to Nature 2000 sites, cannot be overestimated.

 I am immensely pleased by the fact that the final stage of the contest will take place during a meeting of ministers of European Union member states. I am convinced that this will provide a great opportunity to introduce Europe to the beauty of Polish forests, as well as to the work done by Polish foresters and teachers to protect our forests and to educate others about them.



 It is my wish, dear participants, that participation in this contest will be an exciting adventure during which you will establish international friendships and have the opportunity to conduct many interesting discussions. I hope that you will be able to use in practice the valuable experience gained, and that this will contribute to the protection of European forests.


 Minister of the Environment, Poland






 Andrzej Kraszewski     



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