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YPEF 2017 International Final in Hungary

Hungary has been waiting for you!”


The international final of the seventh YPEF contest will be organized in Hungary, in Sopron (27- 30 September), in the city, which is the home of the forestry higher education in Hungary. The organizer is the Hungarian Forestry Association.

The students from different countries will compete in international teams, which will be assembled in the first day evening. These teams will have to solve the tasks in the official YPEF contest (test and outdoor activities in forest). W e hope the detailed rules are well known to everyone:

We would like this year's European competition to come to an exciting, interesting event and fair rivalry, where students can learn about the culture and the natural values of the organizing country as well. To do this, beside the usual competitive tasks, we will present our country: language, culture, food, folk customs. For example:

· during the contest typical Hungarian dishes will be offered (adults can get acquainted with Hungarian wines as well);

· in the first evening – as an icebreaking event – the students will take part in a playful quiz about Hungary. In this way we would like to encourage you all to read and learn more about our country; (Learn more about the competition venue, Sopron, the most loyal Hungarian town:

  • and last evening we organize a so-called ‘dance house’ (“Táncház” in Hungarian) to deepen our friendships. The ‘dance house’ is a typical Hungarian form of folk culture preservation. In the ‘dance house’ you can get to learn and even try the Hungarian dances. Do not forget to bring suitable footwear and clothing! (Girls, do not leave your skirts home!);

See what this means in the practice:

· in addition, this year will not be only one winner: everyone has more chances to win, because we announce several winners .

We will provide students and their companions with useful information in several channels at the right time. Stay tuned…!

Contest Commission Hungary