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VII Edition of International Contest YPEF

          VII Edition of International Contest YPEF         


YPEF 2017 International Final in Hungary

ZdjęcieZdjęcieThe best teams of 10 European countries gathered between 27-30 September to compare their knowledge on forests in Sopron city, which is the home of the forestry higher education in Hungary.

In the final high school students’ teams with mixed nationality competed with each other. Beside their knowledge their creativity was deciding too. The international team consisted of Ukrainian, Estonian and German members won the "Young People in European Forests" contest in Hungary. In addition, however, there was a way of competing between national team as well.

The competition was held for the seventh time this year. Its aim was for young people to get acquainted with European forests, forestry and their role in nature and environment protection. I addition they had to get an objective image on the preservation of the natural resources, and the necessity of the sustainable forest management in their narrower environments and on a European scale too.

Students of Austria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Poland, Lithuania, Hungary, Germany, Portugal, Romania, Ukraine participated in the international final.


Three contests were held in Sopron:

  • “Who knows more about Hungary?” quiz (national teams)

o 1st place: Austria

o 2nd place: Romania

o 3rd place: Poland

  • Country and Forest” presentation (national teams)

o 1st place: Germany, Hungary (with the same score)

o 2nd place: Estonia, Romania (with the same score)

o 3rd place: Portugal

  • Young People in European Forests” contest (international teams)

o 1st place: Tetiana Novosolova (Ukraine), Herman Rull (Estonia), Arne Sommer (Germany)

o 2nd place: Maria CarmenLesan (Romania), JanMessner (Czech Republic), Wojciech Wegrzyn (Poland)

o 3rd place: Veronika Maksakova (Ukraine), Alin PatricBan (Romania), Benjámin Uri (Hungary)


See the pictures here:


Congratulations to the winners!

Dear students, teachers! The YPEF 2018 contest is scheduled to be launched at the end of this year. The National and International Contest Commissions invite all students to participate in the YPEF event in 2018! The next year YPEF international final will be held in Lithuania.


Join us next year as well!