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Regional rounds took place in Czech Republic

Regional rounds took place in four cities: Hranice, Písek, Trutnov and Žlutice and almost one hundred students from different primary schools and high schools participated. Winners of regional rounds (one team of three students from each region) will meet at the National round at Kostelec nad Černými lesy on  Wednesday 16. 5. 2012. Regional rounds had two parts. The first part consisted from written test about Czech and European forests, the second part was practical examination of knowledge trees and other nature parts. More info (photos included) at:


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The National Stage Contest in Slovenia

In Slovenia YPEF participants got through the run-off stage of the national competition. There have been  8 teams competing.

All of them get the chance in the national finals on the 17th of May.

YPEF national stage in Estonia

On the 4th April "Young People in European Forests" national stage in Estonia took place. All together 170 teams from 50 schools participated.
2nd-3rd place was divided between teams from Avinurme Gymnasium "Pärn" and Valga Russian Gymnasium "Paiseleht" who got 41 points out of 50.
In the final stage in September 26th-27th will be participating winning team from Valtu Secondary School "Männi 8" in composition Kaidi Laup, Martin Lapin and Markus Satsi, who got 46 points. Congratulations!


 Rakvere Gymnasium Rakvere Gymnasium Rakvere Gymnasium


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YPEF national Final in Hungary.

Hungarian YPEF finalThe “Young People in European forests” contests national finals took place in Hungary

Ten schools’ eleven teams took part in the "Young People in European Forests" (YPEF) international academic contest’s Hungarian finals, where this year the ”Baár Madas Református” High School’s team was the best one.

National final in Hungary.


The national final in Hungary was held on Thursday, the 26th of April. The interest was very high. More information soon.

National stage in Czech Republic


The YPEF National stage is in progress in Czech Republic.Three of the regional rounds took place on    26th of April, the last one will proceed on 30th of April. National round, where the best participants from regions will qualify, will take place on 15th – 17th of May.