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Results of National Stages of the YPEF 2010/2011 International Contest

According to the information of YPEF National Contest Commissions the YPEF International Contest Commission announces the official results of National Stages of the YPEF 2010/2011 International Contest in European countries.
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Lublin event " Forest puzzles"

During International Year of Forest ecologic foundation "Arka" , on 29th of July 2011, in Lublin event " Forest puzzles" was organizes.
Forest puzzles were set by pupils from Lublin's kindergarten nr 26, in the centrum of Old Town.
As it can be seen on pictures, "e-Ryś"- mascot of The State Forests National Forest Holding found high interests not only between kids;).
Representatives of The State Forests National Forest Holding and media people were present on the event. One of Forest Friends Association member- Grzegorz Dąbrowa, Forester- was instigator of "e-Ryś" presence in Lublin and he was the one who act as "e-Ryś".
In this way idea of ecological way of thinking and living above borders were spread among society, especially the youngest part. 

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YPEF presentation in Freising

Members of Forest Friends Assoccation [Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Lasu], Poland prof. Albert Dudek and Stanisław Biernacki presented on 25th-26th of July the YPEF project on the 6th European Forest Pedagogy Congress in Freising (Germany, Bavaria). In Congress participated also Thomas Baschny,vice chairman of the YPEF International Contest Commission from Austria, Astrid Schilling member of the YPEF ICC and Stephanie Gotza from HNE Eberswalde, Germany – leaders of YPEF national projects in these countries. Futher  organizations and institutions from subsequent countries are interested in participation in the second edition of the YPEF international contest.

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National Stage of YPEF Contest took place in Austria

Report about the National Stage Contest YPEF in Austria!

The National Stage Contest took place on 4th of July 2011 (0.00 a.m. – 02.00 p.m.)at the Technical Forestry High School Bruck an der Mur (Styria), Dr. Theodor Körnerstrasse 44, 8600 Bruck / Mur.In Austria the Contest was organized by the Union of Austrian Foresters. The Contest language was Englisch.

The Contest had two parts: More Info »

The International Contest YPEF 2010/2011 in ROMANIA

The National Contest of YPEF 2010/2011 took place in Romania. The International Contest "Young People in European Forests" is organized by the National Forest Administration – ROMSILVA;
 In first stage- High School Stage, organized in the traditional forestry high schools and supervised by an internal commission, 150 pupils in 50 teams from 5 forestry schools took part. The High School Stage was held on 6th of May. The language of the Contest was English. More Info »

Penafiel’s High School Team will represent Portugal in the YPEF Contest

On June 28th, was known the winning team of the National Stage of YPEF – Young People in European Forests Contest. The victory was given to the team of Ana Marques, Inês Oliveira and Joana Barbosa, from the 10th grade, of the Penafiel’s High School, in Oporto district.
The winning team will represent Portugal in the European Stage Contest, which will be held on September 28th and 29th, in Poland, where 13 European teams will compete.