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National Stage in Hungary

The first round of international contest "Young People in European Forests" in Hungary was completed successfully. The contest took place in the participating schools on 28 April. The final round in Hungary will be held at the Forestry Information Centre (Erdészeti Információs Központ, 1021-Budapest Budakeszi út 91.) on 25 June 2011.

National Stage in Poland

In Poland  Regional Contest Commissions are about to finish their work and send the regional results to the National Contest Commission.

National Stage in PolandRegional Contest Commission in Zielona Góra during work on 18th of May. From left: Janusz Zawada: Forest District Zielona Góra, Jacek Śliwiński - Forest District Zielona Góra, Krzysztof Poczekaj - Forest District Zielona Góra, Edyta Bakalarz – Forest Friends Association (Forest Division Mieszkowice), Andrzej Szelążek - Forest Friends Association (Forest Divison Mieszkowice)

National Stage of contest in Lithuania

On 12th of May National Stage of contest in Lithuania took place. During this stage participants had two tasks: to represent their circle, club, school forestry and make a test. Special thanks to Mindaugas Maksvytis and Lithuanian National Commission.

In Romania

In Romania first step of National Stage YPEF 2010/2011 has started on May 6th.  Last step will took place on May 27th and then the Romanian winner team will be known. Contest is organized by National Forest Administration Romsilva. Special thanks are addressed to Robert Georg Pache.

Polish National Stage of YPEF 2010/2011

On 28th of April Polish National Stage of YPEF 2010/2011 took place. Teachers- coordinators are checking results of tests, which will be send by the 10th of May to Regional Contest Commissions (17 Regional Contest Commissions in whole Poland). Regional Contest Commission will verify results and send them to National Contest Commission. Results will be announced on by the end of May.

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National Stage of Contest took place in Slovenia

On 21st of April National Stage of Contest took place in Slovenia! The organizers are Naja Benedicic and Andrej Verlic from Gozdarski Institut Slovenije.