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National stage in Ukraine

The victory of “Green Planet” in the regional meeting of “school forestries”

Traditionally in May at the end of school year the Regional Directorate of Forestry in Kirovograd together with the Regional Organization of Foresters and the community unit “Regional centre of ecological and natural art of school youth” organize the regional meeting of “school forestries”.

On the 22 of May in the Novoarkhangelsk recreation centre for children “Brygantyna” 13 teams of young foresters from the best “school forestries” were gathered.

The Head of the Regional Directorate of Forestry in Kirovograd Natalia Revenko addressed in her speech to young foresters with the words of gratitude for protecting and renovation of forests. She also pointed the great importance of cooperation with youth, because these young people will soon work on the greening of steppe Kirovograd Region.

The official part of the meeting ended with a planting of alley of Friendship by young foresters.

Young guests of the “Brygantyna” had to work hard during the whole year to become the best “school forestry” in the region. The main point of the meeting was a competition programme, which included an exbition of achievements and presentation of “school forestries” as well as the educational game “Travelling in the Forest”.

After the competition the entertainment programme “In the Friends’ Circle” took place and official results were announced.

The prizes were divided as follows: the third place took school forestries “Flora” (Kirovograd), Bogdanivskie (School Nr 1 of Znamiansky district) and Birkivskie (School of Birkivskie in Oleksandrivske District). The second place was granted to forestries Veselobukovenkivske (Ivanivksa School of Dolynskie District), Onufriivske (Onufriivska School) and Chervono-Nerubaivskie (Pidlisnensky Educational Centre of Oleksandrivski Region). According to the judges the first place won the team “Green Planet” which represented the Kompaniivska School.

Young foresters received presents and honorary certificates from the organizers - memorable books on nature and native land, computer memory cards and sweets.

Kirovograd foresters are proud of their young generation and wish them further successes!

The winners: Galushka Andriy, Mikhailov Sergiy and Samoylenko Liliya will participate in the European Final Stage of the YPEF contest in Busteni, Romania. Congratulations!

National Stage in Hungary


The YPEF 2015 national final completed successfully

The winner of the National Stage is the Baár-Madas Református Gimnázium’s team. 11 high schools’ 33 students got into the national final and compare their knowledge with each other.

The national competition is organized by the Hungarian National Forestry Association and the ‘Kitaibel Pál high school biology and environmental study contest’.

The students participating in the final had to solve a test about the European forest and forestry, and had to make a scientific poster about the invasive plant species in the Hungarian forests. (invasive species and their spread and ecological impact, the possibility of defense). The scientific posters produced by the teams one by one represented a very high standard, not only one even at university level.

The teams and their students:


Baár-Madas Református Gimnázium I.

Tamás Panna

Pettersson Dalma Lisa

Kovács Boglárka


Comenius Angol-magyar Két Tanítási Nyelvű Iskola

Pongrácz Flóra Adél

Váradi Eszter Anna

Szolnoki Anna


Baár-Madas Református Gimnázium III.

Nényei Piroska

Alföldi Rozália

Kozma Katica


Ferences Gimnázium

Nagy Fruzsina

Pallagi Regina Blanka

Szarkowicz Kinga


Baár-Madas Református Gimnázium II.

Balsai Lili

Boldizsár Imre

Uri Benjámin


Korányi Frigyes Gimnázium

Kósa Bettina

Takács Nikoletta

Kovács Kitti


Mátra Szakképző Iskola

Boldizsár Tibor

Szép Szabolcs

Tihany Péter


Pécsi Apáczai Csere János Általános Iskola, Gimnázium, Kollégium, Alapfokú Művészeti Iskola Gimnáziuma

Nagy Hajnalka

Somogyvári Lilla

Weisz Liána


ELTE Radnóti Miklós Gyakorló Gimnázium

Jékely Boldizsár Lajos

Király Márton

Vitai Kitti


Szent Margit Gimnázium

Huszti Dóra

Lados Botond

Szabó Rita


Xántus János Gyakorló Középiskola

Tóth Mihály

Pleck András

Kecskés Krisztián

The first place team has the right to represent Hungary in the international final, which will be held in autumn 2015 in Busteni, Romania.

For more information:

Final Stage in Busteni, Romania


Final Stage of the YPEF V contest will take place on 21st - 25th of September in Romania and will be organized by Romsilva. The location will be Busteni, a mountain resort on Prahova Valley, at the foothills of Bucegi Natural Park. The test and posters wil take place in new visitor center and the field activities will be organized inside the natural park. Please see beautiful Busteni at the following link:,25.4323088,10z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x40b3159fda38c781:0x4637b373ffbbe570


We hope to meet winning teams from Austria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania - our hosts and new partner - Ukraine.

See you in Busteni!

YPEF Contest 2015 - National Stage in ROMANIA

· In Romania, the National Stage of the International Contest YPEF 2015 was organized by the National Forest Administration - ROMSILVA.

  • The National Stage was organized on 7th of May within Domogled-Cerna Valley National Park. At the National Stage have participated 6 teams from the traditional forestry colleges.
  • The winners are Halip Vasile, Cocris Eduard, Craciun Radu from Bucovina Forestry College, Campulung Moldovenesc, Suceava County.

· The contest and the reward ceremony was held in Baile Herculane Resort. After the contest, the students were in a field visit in the beautiful Danube Canyon, Iron Gates Nature Park.

National Stage in Poland


In Poland the contest was organized by Forest Friends Association with the support of the State Forests National Forest Holding. The qualifying stage held on 26th of March in 141 YPEF schools all around Poland. At this stage took part 1096 teams (3288 students) from 282 schools. On 20th of May took place the National Final Stage in Poland. The final was organized in Warsaw University of Life Sciences. The best 35 teams, who participated in the qualifying stage, met at the final and wrote the test of 50 questions in English. Two teams reached 48 points and the play - off was necessary. The winners are Angelika Jabłońska, Katarzyna Urbańska i Radosław Rzadkowolski from the Complex of High Schools in Włocławek and they will go to the European Final in Busteni. Congratulations and many thanks to all students, teachers and foresters!


Second placeParticipants
Pictures: Tomasz Kaźmierczak

National Stage in Lithuania


On 2015.05.20 there was National Stage held in Lithuania. 7 teams from different schools were presenting their skills, both in solving the test and showing creativity during the presentations. Difference between the first and the second place was just 0,4 percent. The winning team represents Vilnius Region Marijampolio M. Lukšienės Gymnasium.

National stage of YPEF contest in Portugal

On May 15 took place final of national stage of YPEF contest in Portugal. Winning team: Maria Ines Quelhas, Maria João Couto and Rafaela Ferreira from the Valongo Group of Schools.

At the National Final, all teams took a written test in English and created and presented a poster on the subject "Portuguese forests". Students from the winning team will now prepare to participate in the European Final of YPEF Contest which will be held between 21 and 25 September in the Bucegi Natural Park, near Brasov in Romania. At this stage, they will get to know the local biodiversity, participate in activities in the forest with the winning teams from Germany, Austria, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania and Ukraine.